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School Partners Program

The School Partners Program cultivates, nurtures and sustains partnerships between Signal Hill School and the community. The program creates tailor-made partnerships between schools and businesses or community organizations. School partners provide a combination of volunteer time, in-kind contributions and financial resources to meet the specific needs of Signal Hill School. In return, partners receive a multitude of benefits including an increased sense of pride and involvement in our community school and the success of our next generation of leaders.

Becoming a partner is easy! Learn more and contact the Superintendent at 618.397.0325 today!

Why partner?

Joining the School Partners Program is an easy, rewarding way to make a contribution to Signal Hill School’s future. The school has specific needs that business and community organizations can help meet. Whether your organization wants to donate school supplies, volunteer time, or underwriting for a specific program, there is an opportunity to form a long-lasting partnership with Signal Hill School. Let us help your organization make a difference in a school starting today!

What could your organization do for a school?

There are many ways to contribute to a school. Both financial and non-financial resources are welcome! Creativity in how organizations meet the needs of a partner school is highly encouraged, and schools and businesses can work together to establish a meaningful partnership. Here are a few examples of how you can contribute:

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Celebrity Readers
  • Classroom volunteers
  • Mentoring
  • Career Day speakers
  • Job shadowing
  • One-on-one tutoring
  • School club sponsorships (Chess Club, Science Club, Beta Club, etc.)
  • Involvement in competition and events (judging science fairs, etc.)
  • Training for school staff on marketing skills, customer service, etc.
  • Technology training for school staff
  • Assistance with strategic planning, marketing campaigns, etc.
  • Assisting school staff with school fundraising efforts

Non-cash/In-kind Contributions

  • Incentives for student achievement (computers, software, tickets to sporting events, etc.)
  • Coats, gloves, hats, etc.
  • Furniture for teacher’s lounge, school library, etc.
  • Office supplies and materials
  • School supplies
  • Teacher appreciation gifts
  • Use of business facility for meetings, etc.
  • Miscellaneous classroom materials (globes, maps, rugs, etc.)

Financial Contributions

  • Donation to school-based programs (after-school programs, tutoring programs, etc.)
  • Sponsorship of special on-campus activities and/or events (holiday parties, science fairs, etc.)
  • Donations to purchase library books
  • Trip sponsorship – Underwrite academic enrichment field trips (Lincoln museum, etc.)
  • Donations to purchase new computers, software, and other supporting materials (scanners, printers, etc.)
  • Donations to purchase other technology (DVD player, CD player, Promethean Boards, document cameras, etc.)


Past Successful School Partnership

In April of 2011, two Signal Hill dads, owner and manager of Art Classics, Ltd. in Trenton, IL (, found themselves with a warehouse full of fine art reproductions. Thousands of pieces, from small to large, had piled up over the years. The company was faced with a logistical challenge: they needed the warehouse space for more raw materials and would have to throw away thousands of dollars worth of merchandise to make room.

Volunteers from Signal Hill School offered to connect Art Classics with SHEF. These volunteers hauled truckloads of artwork from Trenton to Belleville, piling box atop box in the halls of SHS. With the help of a robust social network, the community was alerted to an upcoming Art Sale.

Thousands of pieces of art filled the SHS Community Center. Hundreds of Belleville families snapped up bargains, buying pieces to decorate their homes. Art teachers from local schools bought canvases for their students to repaint, professionals were able to redecorate their offices, and children were able to select fine quality art reproductions for their very own rooms, all at prices more reasonable than any local retail store.

Through the generosity of Art Classics, Ltd. and the energy of local volunteers, SHEF was the recipient of over $18,000 in proceeds from the Art Sale.

If your business is interested in becoming a School Partner and collaborating with SHEF to support Signal Hill School, please contact the Superintendent at 618.397.0325.

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