Thank You – SHEF “Family Vacation”

January 7th, 2018

Thank you all that attended or supported the Signal Hill Education Foundation “Family Vacation” event!

Special thanks to the hosts for the evening – Larry and Linda Altmansberger.


Many thanks to the sponsors for this event:

Tree Sponsors

Derek Betz

Jim and Mary Kelley

Griswold Sponsors

Ryan and Jacqueline Altmansberger

Bart and Glenda Bridges

Dr. James Gehrs, DDS

Bob and Arlene Goalby

Robert and Karen Graebe

Jack and Marlene Lintz

Craig and Barbara McKee

Michael and Tara O’Sadnick

Steve and Lynda Peyton

Otto and Dana Roberts

Mark and Katherine Schmitz

Paul and Laura Sforza

Cousin Eddie Sponsors

Larry and Linda Altmansberger

Doug and Carla Becherer

Paul and Betty Browning

Ted and Barb Castello

Mike and Beth Lenz

Janet Noble

Jack and Evelyn Schmitt

Russell and Natalia Strong

Don and Carol Weihl

Squirrel Sponsors

Kathy Burch

Donna Dosier

Tom and Barb Ducey

Dr. Stephen and Mary Kappel

Lee Mikesell

Dede Strano