High Five Your School

October 11th, 2013

What a great way to help SHS for only $5!  It’s easy!  Any time you wish to do a shout-out or compliment anyone at SHS, simply go to the SHEF website, and click on “High Five!”   For as little as $5, you can be a positive supporter of our school community.  Give the school a High Five by donating (one time, monthly or annually)  This is an on-going fund raiser for anyone in the community who wishes to congratulate the efforts of SHS, celebrate a special occasion, or recognize a special teacher or student.  High Five messages will be posted on the SHEF website as well as on display at SHS.  Some examples are as follows:

“Bravo, teachers for making the first day of school so exciting for our students!”

“Way to go, girls’ softball team!”

“Congrats 4th graders!  You are the best!”

“What a home run blast, Mark!”

Giving a High Five to the school means more than just a donation… it means our community supports the good work we do for kids and families.

Submit your High Five here! SHEF High 5